so forth i ride on hopeful tides

with the sun on my back, and the wind at my sides.

kristin. young. ambitious. dreamer.

"here’s to you free souls, you firefly chasers,
tree climbers, porch swingers, air guitar players.
here’s to you fearless dancers, shaking walls in your bedrooms.

there’s a lot of wonder left inside of me and you,
thank god even crazy dreams come true.”

and all you touch and all you see
is all your life will ever be.
for long you live and high you fly
but only if you ride the tide.

All people dream, but not equally.
Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their mind,
Wake in the morning to find that it was vanity. 

But the dreamers of the day are dangerous people, 
For they dream their dreams with open eyes, 
And make them come true.

-D.H. Lawrence